rocSOLVER has a basic/preliminary infrastructure for testing and benchmarking similar to that of rocBLAS.

On a normal installation, client binaries rocsolver-test and rocsolver-bench should be located in the directory <rocsolverDIR>/build/clients/staging.

Testing rocSOLVER

rocsolver-test executes a suite of Google tests (gtest) that verifies the correct functioning of the library; the results computed by rocSOLVER, for random input data, are compared with the results computed by NETLib LAPACK on the CPU.

Calling the rocSOLVER gtest client with the –help flag

./rocsolver-test --help

returns information on different flags that control the behavior of the gtests.

Benchmarking rocSOLVER

rocsolver-bench runs any rocSOLVER function with random data of the specified dimensions; it compares the computed results, and provides basic performance information (as for now, execution times).


./rocsolver-bench --help

returns information on how to use the rocSOLVER benchmark client.